Remembering Prince

What a life changing event the sudden death of Prince was for me. I remember as a child when “Purple Rain” was released. I loved music then and now, but I saw and heard it differently then. Prince was a pop sensation through my young eyes. Little did I know that I would come to regard him as more than an entertainer. He was an artist, a messenger, and an spiritual inspiration. Sometimes his colorful style, amazingly diverse talent, and hit after hit caused people to forget what an astounding guitar player he was. Not many people see the connection between Prince and Jimi Hendrix. But to the trained eye, one glance at Prince and one knows that he loved and idolized Jimi Hendrix. Prince was totally original, but we have to understand that all great artists are standing on the shoulders of those who came before. Prince nobly carried on an approach to the guitar that Jimi (and those before him created). Although people may see Prince as just an eclectic entertainer (and he was), I see him as part of a great lineage that he helped to glorify. It is a spiritual approach to music that you can feel in his guitar solos. He was totally authentic and had the courage to be outrageous and be whatever he wanted to be. I hope his death will serve a call to all who love him to keep that tradition alive. If you are a fan please buy his music and cherish it like the other great works of music throughout history. If you are a musician please commit yourself to excellence and know that YOU TOO can make a contribution to this powerful, beautiful, and necessary part of our life called music.

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