Serving Andover and North Andover

Although I am located in Lawrence I just want to remind anyone from Andover and North Andover Massachusetts considering where to study music that I am JUST just a few blocks away! I offer a different approach to the schools in Andover and North Andover.

The studios you study in at Steininger Guitar & Music are the same studios I use as a professional touring and producing musician. That means all my equipment is the best. I incorporate technology into my lessons and teaching style. I also offer students the chance to make audio recordings of themselves and also videos as well! So here you can learn an instrument but also record yourself to share with friends and family or even professionally!

I offer more flexibility with scheduling compared to the usual schools in North Andover and Andover as well.

The environment at Steininger Guitar & Music is the environment that I work in too so I have designed it to be great for learning but also creatively inspiring! I am hear to answer all of your questions. Best wishes, Clay at Steininger Guitar & Music

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