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About Music Lessons

Everyone knows it but no one says it. The most tried and true way to learn to play an instrument and music is through old fashioned teaching! We make this easy by giving you a wide choice of music lesson alternatives.

Sometimes musicians, actors and singers need to prepare for auditions. They have specific requirements such as song range, length and style. We can help with audition prep lessons!

YouTube is everyone’s favorite channel. We frequently work with students who want to learn to play songs to make them stand out on YouTube. It is simply fun to learn to play covers with your guitar, piano and voice.

Yes. When it comes to Music Lessons, we’ve got you covered!

Guitar Lessons?

Most of us can think of some good guitar player who have never had a formal music lesson. Yet they still seem to have done well! So you say “Hey if that person can succeed do it on their own, why can’t I?” OK. Sure you can learn some things on your own. But why take the risk of doing it on your own when it usually doesn’t work?  Most people who never take a lesson:

  1. Don’t have the money to pay for guitar lessons. 
  2. Don’t care enough getting good to spend the time and money.
  3. Simply don’t understand what a great teacher can teach them.

Are you one of those? Nah, I didn’t think so!

Piano Lessons?

  • Love music? Take piano lessons!
  • Want to get smarter, score better on tests? Take piano lessons.
  • Want to feel more confident, in control and ready for anything? Take Piano lessons.
  • Want to become a star? Well, piano lessons aren’t going to make you a star but just about every music star n the world started with piano lessons!
  • Like to have fun? Yep. That is reason Number One!

Learn Music?

  1. Playing a musical instrument relieves stress 
  2. Playing a musical instrument makes you smarter
  3. Playing a musical instrument improves your social life
  4. Playing a musical instrument helps build confidence
  5. Playing a musical instrument teaches patience
  6. Playing a musical instrument fosters creativity
  7. Playing a musical instrument improves memory
  8. Playing a musical instrument develops discipline
  9. Playing a musical instrument gives you a sense of achievement 
  10. Playing a musical instrument is fun

Bass Guitar?

  1. It’s easier to pick up than many other instruments but…
  2. but it’s hard to master so it keeps you coming back for more!
  3. Playing the bass rewards creativity – talk to us and find out why!
  4. You start listening to a wider variety of music just to hear how the bass is played.
  5. Your musical outlook matures because Bass players are rarely under the spotlight.

Vocal – Singing Lessons?

  • Lessons can teach you how to control your voice in difficult vocal situations.

  • Good singing is more than a great sounding voice.
  • Training takes you beyond the “natural talent” level into the “self knowledge” level.
  • Do you brush your teeth to make them look better? Vocal lessons take care of your voice.
  • Young ears learn fundamental musicianship, harmony, counting, and staying in tune.

You’re Never Alone!

Once you can sing and/or play, you are never alone. There’s always someone who’d like to play or sing with you. 

So sign up for lessons today!

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