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Private Lessons

We give each student one-on-one attention where we focus on talents of the individual student. We teach all levels and styles including Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, and Classical. We have taught well over thousands of aspiring musicians of all ages! Many of our students have gone on to become successful with their music far beyond the joy of music itself.

Guitar Lessons

Of course we have an outstanding program that teaches rock guitarjazz guitar and guitar technique. Students are taught string theory, scales, music notation and proper chording techniques. Our students develop not only a strong but a fun repertoire for our recitals.

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are often the foundation of a lifelong love of music. We have an outstanding program that teaches students to love to play because of the joy from the sounds of the music. We teach standard keyboard theory, scales, music notation and proper techniques for fingering the keys. Students get to help select the pieces they learn for the recitals!

Steininger music is a school and studio in the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts that offers guitar, bass, piano, and other instrumental instruction, including singing and vocals. Music and production is also offered.

Bass Lessons

Electric bass lessons are offered for those who appreciate how important this instrument is in modern music, from R&B, to Funk, to Rock, to Punk! Modern technique such as “slap” and “tapping” are also taught.

Recording Studio

Steininger Guitar & Music is also home to my recording and production studio. I use Pro Tools software with an Avid audio interface. I track vocals and instruments using Shure and Blue microphones. I have produced music for major international recording artists as well as co-authored and produced original music under my record label, Crixillion Records. I have partnerships with multiple mixing and mastering engineers who give me the highest professional work for exclusive discounts. I am available to help develop and produce your own compositions, as well as getting them recorded, mixed and mastered. Recording sessions are charged at an hourly rate, and mixing and mastering for a flat fee.

Vocal Lessons

For those who have a passion for singing and dream of being the next Bruno Mars or Alicia Keyes, or simply want to improve their voice, we find you the best local vocal teachers in the area. The lessons can be tailored to suit your needs, whether you are interested in learning the traditional way through musical literacy, or whether you want to jump in and just start finding and developing your unique singing voice.

“Jamming” Lessons Too!

So you can play but you can’t really jam out to the great sounds you like? We can teach that. Check out this video when Clay jams out to Santana!
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